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Open Storage Solutions® Inc Helps Manage Mass Data Fragmentation with Cohesity

Brampton ON, January 23rd, 2019 –Open Storage Solutions® Inc, a leader in data management and protection, announced today that they are helping their customers manage the pain of mass data fragmentation in their secondary data storage.

Secondary storage refers to backups, archives, test-dev systems, file shares, public cloud, private cloud as well as other seldom used or forgotten subsystems. Secondary data is estimated to grow in companies by anywhere from 25% to over 100% this year.  Mass data fragmentation is the scourge of secondary storage services. It refers to data strewn across those multiple active siloes and in the forgotten semi-decommissioned resources. Cohesity GUIManaging that secondary, dormant, but essential data can present significant challenges, and if not managed effectively, can result in competitive difficulty, user experience struggle, compliance penalties, and perhaps legal challenges.

“The vast majority of data in any organization, around 80%, sits in backups, file shares, test-dev systems or in other data siloes,” said Andrew Betterton, President and CEO of Open Storage Solutions. “It is so fragmented, and duplicated, that it has become virtually impossible for companies to leverage it, let alone protect it, or even find some of it. Our customers have told us they are concerned about managing this in the long term. Now we can address this challenge head on with Cohesity.”

Cohesity is end-to-end data protection for application-driven modern infrastructure that spans from the core to the cloud and edge. Protect the virtual and physical workloads, databases and primary storage on a single, web-scale platform that converges backup, recovery, replication, target storage, and natively supports multi-cloud integration. Cohesity radically simplifies data protection by eliminating legacy backup silos and managing the backup and recovery infrastructure with a single, easy-to-navigate user interface.

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