NMSO Product Overview

The following products are currenty listed on our NMSO E60EJ-11000S/006/EJ. This page gives a brief overview of the offerings. Technical support info and documentation is available here

Category Model Description

Group 2.2

Dell TL2000

Power Vault TL2000With its ultra-compact form-factor, the PowerVault TL2000 packs an impressive amount of information in a small amount of space. Occupying only two units (2U) of rack space, the library can hold up to 24 tapes providing up to 24TB (with Ultrium LTO-4 NMSO Base Config., 1TB tapes) of native capacity—ideal for small office environments managing explosive data growth. Options for LT05 and LT03

This 2U solution that can be rack mounted or easily converted into a desktop solution. The web-based remote management feature can perform diagnostics, check status, monitor operations and logs, and upgrade firmware.

Library-managed encryption (optional with LTO4 only) TL2000 Data Sheet

Group 3.1


NEO 2000e

NEO2000E This scalable, multi-modular design easily grows with configurations starting at 12TB and scaling up to 90TB within a single 5U module. AES 256-bit encryption maintains security, and broad connectivity support of SCSI, FC, or SAS ensures that your NEO 2000e will flexibly integrate into your environment. NMSO configs provide options for a wide range of drive types, LT03, LT04 and LT05, in both Full height and half height versions, Fiber channel and SAS.

NEO2000/4000E Data Sheet

Group 3.2



The NEO 400s packs up to 144TB of backup and archive capacity in a compact 4U form factor, making it an ideal storage solution for data centers where space is at a premium. Designed for environments where data storage challenges extend beyond simple capacity requirements, the NEO 400s includes multi-drive support, redundant power and partitioning. NMSO config is 48 slots and one LTO4 tape drive. Options for LT05 and LT03

NEO400S series Data Sheet

Group 3.4







Group 3.5


NEO8000eNEO 8000e provides the long-term data storage and archiving solution for organizations with massive amounts of data. Embedded robustness, flexibility and intelligence are the cornerstone of the NEO 8000e, making it the ideal solution for the most demanding data centers.

NMSO group 3.4 configs provide LT04 with 180 cartridge slots. Options for additional tape drives.

NMSO group 3.5 configs provide LT04 with 180 cartridge slots with options for LT05 drives and both Fiber channel and SAS.


NEO8000e series Data Sheet

Group 4.1 OV-LT0901102 LT04 Tape Media Cartridges, 800Gb/1.6Tb. Options for Bar Code labelling
Group 4.2 OV-LT0901006 LT03 Tape Media Cartridges, 400Gb/800Gb. Options for Bar Code labelling
Group 4.4 OV-LT0901010 LT05 Tape Media Cartridges, 1.5Tb/3Tb. Options for Bar Code labelling
Group 5.1 Dell

MD3200iPowerVault MD3800i arrays offer exceptional performance and flexibility for storage consolidation and scalability to meet unexpected business demands. Now it’s simple to improve storage utilization by combining storage resources, increasing availability with redundant hardware, and streamlining the backup process. A single management interface and a single system to back up also reduce management complexity.

NMSO Base Config starts at 12 x 1Tb drives, a wide range of options are available.

MD3800i series Data Sheet

Group 5.2 Dell EqualLogic

PS4100EThe Dell™ EqualLogic™ PS4100E storage array is designed to provide exceptional capacity for your organization with up to 36 TB of NL-SAS storage in a 2U/3.5" drive solution.
The PS4100E continues the EqualLogic tradition of performance scaling linearly with capacity. With up to 67% IOPS improvements on typical workloads over previous-generation EqualLogic arrays, the PS4100 Series is designed to grow with your data demands—all while providing simple management and seamless expansion using innovative Fluid Data™ technology.

NMSO Base Config
starts at 12 x 1Tb drives, a wide range of options are available including 2Tb & 3Tb drives.
PS4100e Data Sheet


Group 5.3 Dell Storage SC4020 PS6500E

The Dell™ Storage SC4020 Series arrays are based on Dell’s flagship SC8000 platform. Offering similar benefits at a smaller scale, the multiprotocol-capable SC4020 model and its optional expansion enclosures may be populated with any combination of hard disk drives (HDD) or solid-state drives (SSD). Virtualized multi-tier storage policies are applied quickly and automatically, taking full advantage of the unique characteristics of your disks, and allowing you to target application-specific price and performance requirements with a minimum of planning or effort.

Dual redundant controllers, 24 internal drive slots, eight 8Gb Fibre Channel or four 10Gb iSCSI network ports, and four additional 10Gb ports for management and replication are all delivered in a space-saving 2U chassis, making the flexible SC4020 a true all-in-one solution. In addition, the 10Gb ports can be converted to iSCSI ports using software. For expansion beyond 24 drives, add Dell Storage SC200, SC220 or SC280 enclosures for 500TB total raw capacity.

NMSO Base Config starts at 96 x 1Tb drives which includes 2 SC220 expansion enclosures, a wide range of options are available.
SC4020 data sheet