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Open Storage Solutions is an EMC Premier Velocity Partner and Authorized ASN Velocity Partner

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Open Storage Solutions knows Storage:
Most of today's new storage technology will drive down costs. However, with the wide choice in storage solutions available today, it is easy to make a mistake and select less than optimal technology. It makes extremely good sense to talk to one of our experts about your particular challenges. We will be able to suggest the best approach for your specific IT environment.

First Steps - The Storage Assessment:
We will do a simple assessment of your actual data, free of charge, and show you what you should expect to see as a result of implementing various possible solutions. Whether it is in capacity enhancements from de-duplication or reductions in backup volumes from an archiving approach, you will be armed with the crucial data required to make the best decision. We will show you how each technology can reduce your costs and we will suggest the best solution for your specific data and IT topology.

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Document Sciences xTest

Automate document testing processes to reduce costs and speed time to market


Testing document output after a system migration or upgrade is often a long and tedious process. EMC Document Sciences xTest automates document testing processes, saving time and resources, eliminating errors, and reducing costs.

High-Speed Document Testing

High-Speed Document Testing

xTest automatically compares two print streams and displays them side by side for verification, identifying changes to type fonts, images, and graphics with user-defined change marks such as circles, squares, or arrows.
Print Stream Comparison

Print Stream Comparison

xTest automatically performs the time-consuming and labor-intensive task of comparing two print streams in a fraction of the time it takes for manual testing.
Reduce Testing Costs

Reduce Testing Costs

xTest eliminates the need to print large quantities of test documents for visual inspection and greatly reduces errors, resulting in a lower production costs and increased customer satisfaction.

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