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CommVault software products enable unified enterprise data management solutions that ensure high-performance data protection, universal availability and simplified management of complex storage networks.

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CommVault® Systems, Inc. focuses on delivering simple, fast and scalable products that fit seamlessly into SAN, NAS or LAN-based infrastructures. The CommVault Simpana platform, based on CommVault's Common Technology Engine, integrates Galaxy backup and recovery, data migration, data high availability, storage resource and SAN management software solutions. Customers can deploy individual products or seamlessly integrate new elements into an existing CommVault solution, at a fraction of the time,
effort and money required by separate point products.


Achieve Oneness™

With its revolutionary single-platform architecture, Simpana® data and information management software liberates companies from the expense and chaos of legacy data protection software not designed to handle today's IT realities.

The result? A far simpler, saner way to manage, access, and recover business information. It's a chaos-free state of oneness only our unique single-platform solution can deliver. And with the new migration tools and functionality in Simpana 9, graduating to this superior modern approach is easier than ever before. Visit our Fast Pass to Simpana page to learn how simple it really is.

Modern Data Management

Modern data management is a tightly integrated blend of snapshot, replication and persistent copies that are secure, deduplicated, managed, and accessible through a single, unified platform. Simpana 9 is application, operating system, and disk aware. It quickly creates copies that are highly available, by integrating and leveraging hardware array-based snapshot technologies. Then, data is efficiently moved to appropriate tiers of storage—whether it be disk, tape, or cloud. This data can be seamlessly retrieved for multiple possible uses, including Disaster Recovery, Data Mining, eDiscovery , Compliance, or regulatory requirements. This end-to-end activity is what truly modern data management is all about.

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