Email Data Services - Lifecycle and Compliancy

Email systems and data have rapidly become mission critical, not only for business communication, but also because email is tied directly to company sales and revenue. For these reasons, the amount of messaging data that organizations must maintain is growing exponentially and infinitely.

The pressure and increasing cost of data storage and data protection for your messaging systems can be addressed through the implementation and use of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) strategies and associated products. The primary goal is to maximize email data availability and minimize storage costs.

Employing the right ILM strategies on your email data could greatly reduce your business and IT risks associated with retaining and managing messaging content, email storage management and policy infrastructure.

To meet these emerging business needs regarding email information lifecycle and compliance, we offer this new suite of Email Data Services using industry-leading email archiving and compliance technologies. Our Email Data Services can help you:

All email and information archived is secured at the lowest cost of ownership associated with its storage. As a result, archived information becomes an important resource in reducing the risks of legal discovery and compliance.

With all information indexed and archived, our solutions leverage archived email and content by providing enhanced search, audit and workflow processes to perform business specific responsibilities in a simple and quick manner.

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