First Line - Enhanced Support

Getting technical support from backup software manufacturers can be a frustrating and very time consuming job for systems administrators. Staying on the line for phone support, sending and resending log files via email can add tremendous work loads on your already taxed internal resources.

Open Storage Solutions® Inc offers First-Line Enhanced Support services that are intended to supplement your manufacturer phone support contracts.

Enterprise Data Protection Solution

We provide Onsite Technical Support services. Our professionals implement and troubleshoot these products daily. In many cases they have seen the problem before and know the changes that need to be made to resolve it. Where this is not the case, we can come on-site and act as a troubleshooting liaison between your staff and the manufacturer's support organization. Open Storage Solutions will:

Open Storage Solutions Onsite Technical Support is offered during your normal business hours, 5 days a week. Once a support call is opened, we first offer technical support and troubleshooting services by phone in hourly increments, then if an onsite visit is necessary, we will send a qualified engineer to your site in half or whole day increments depending on your location.

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