The Storage Evolution: The Journey to the Virtualized Flash Datacenter

As organizations run more mission-critical applications within virtual environments, it's often a challenge to continue to meet performance and availability SLAs. Storage is usually the likely culprit. IT managers must have a keen understanding of the latest advancements in storage technology so they can recommend the best approach moving forward.

Webinar Recorded March 2016 - Time 64Min - Watch Now


Storage Options for Virtualization: Do You Need a Flashy Data Storage?

How do YOU choose the ideal data storage solution for your virtual server environment? Do you need Flash/SSD?

This webinar focuses on common questions that data storage buyers ask when they are looking to purchase storage to handle their virtualized server environment and solutions that can increase their productivity while saving on costs.

Webinar Recorded March 2016 - Time 39Min - Watch Now


Solving SQL Server Challenges at TaxSlayer with Tegile Flash Storage

A new year has started, and the countdown has begun for millions of people to file their taxes. As more people prepare their taxes online, there’s a tremendous opportunity for online tax preparation companies to grow their business, but only if they can keep up with traffic. TaxSlayer is currently the fourth largest online tax preparation company in the US, and it’s on a path of rapid expansion. In order to achieve this goal, the company needs to be sure its complex infrastructure can handle an onslaught of millions of people logging online.

Webinar Recorded February 2016 - Time 64Min - Watch Now


The Business Impact of Rapid Application Response Time

Poor application performance is extremely frustrating to users, customers, application administrators, and IT managers. Determining the root cause is a laborious exercise in trial and error troubleshooting. Far too frequently, the performance culprit is the storage system. This webinar will explore the business impact of both slow and rapid application response time in user productivity, employee morale/turnover, time to market, and most importantly how the right storage system can generate far more revenue than it costs.

Webinar Recorded March 2016 - Time 60Min - Watch Now