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Compellent combines a powerful data movement engine, virtualized software applications and an agile, hardware platform to redefine efficiency, productivity and protection in a truly scalable
enterprise storage solution. Built-in intelligence and automation optimize the provisioning, placement and protection of data. A modular hardware platform grows with your business. One interface manages any number of systems, giving IT instant
visibility and control.


Optimizing Scale and Availability for Enterprises

Storage Center 6.7 , the most recent Compellent release continues to enhance product features maintaining its possition at the leading edge of storage technology. The new Dell Compellent virtualized storage array allows enterprises to rapidly adapt to changing business requirementswith greater scale up from a next-generation hardware platform and enhanced scale out from a dynamic business continuity suite. Organizations can now leverage the latest industry standards, from 10 Gb iSCSI and FCoE frontend connectivity to 2.5" or 3.5" 6 Gb SAS drives and enclosures.


The Storage Center Key Features

  • 6 Gb SAS drives provide twice the performance and use nearly half the power of 3 Gb SAS drives
  • 2.5" SAS drives are two-thirds smaller than 3.5" drives, resulting in a significant performance boost with a smaller footprint
  • 6 Gb SAS enclosures provide 24 bays to accommodate twice the number of spindles in the same amount of rackspace
  • Series 40 controller features more memory, six PCI-e slots and a battery-less cache, and provides 25% higher I/O performance
  • 10 Gb iSCSI and FCoE I/O cards and HBAs provide the latest industry-standard interconnect performance
  • Live Volume acts as a storage hypervisor, actively mapping one storage volume to two Dell Compellent arrays at the same time

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