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Scalar Series Tape Libraries
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  • An intelligent library for the enterprise
  • Scales from 100 to 5,376 slots
  • Up to 96 drives
  • Up to 4.6PB capacity*
  • Dual Robots
  • Supports LTO-4, LTO-5,DLT-S4 technology

Scalar i6000 tape libraries dramatically improve the security and manageability of your enterprise backup, disaster recovery, and archiving processes. Quantum customers experience significant management time savings due to the proactive monitoring and intelligent diagnostic features in iLayer management software, up to 75% savings compared to other libraries. The utilization of the iLayer software also reduces service calls by 50% and shortens resolution time by 30%. In addition, Scalar i6000 tape libraries accommodate continual data growth, expanding to up to 5,400 LTO slots in a single library. Intelligent and intuitive, Scalar i6000 tape libraries are designed to provide scalable and flexible data storage to meet the demands of high-duty-cycle data center operations.

Scalar i6000
  • Midrange intelligent library platform
  • Scales from 41 to 409 slots
  • Up to 18 drives
  • Up to 1.2 PB capacity*
  • Support LTO-4 and LTO-5 technology

Scalar i500 tape libraries feature integrated iLayer software to dramatically improve the management, proactive monitoring, and security of your growing organization’s backup process. With advanced diagnostic services, library resource management, and I/O management inside the library, iLayer monitors itself, so you don’t have to worry about failed backups or restores. The Extended Data Life Management feature ensures your archived media is trouble-free so the data is available when you need it. Plus, Scalar i500 tape libraries are simple to install, operate, and maintain and can accommodate continual data growth, expanding to up to 643 TB of capacity.

Scalar i500
i40 & i80
  • Midrange library that combines enterprise-class features with entry-level affordability
  • i40 Scales 25 to 40 slots
  • i80 Scales 50 to 80 slots
  • i40 Up to 2 drives
  • i80 Up to 5 drives
  • i40 Up to 120TB capacity*
  • i80 Up to 2400TB capacity*
  • Supports LTO-4, LTO-5 technology

With Scalar i40 and i80 tape libraries, small and medium-sized businesses spend less time and money on backup, simplifying everything from initial installation and setup to ongoing management, and even adding capacity as storage needs grow. The integrated iLayer software allows you to benefit from reduced management time and a 50 percent reduction in service calls. And with more than 30,000 iLayer installations around the world, you can feel confident choosing Quantum Scalar tape libraries.

Scalar i40/i80
  • Compact workgroup level library for backup and restore
  • Supports 8 or 16 slots
  • Up to 48 TB capacity*
  • Supports LTO-4, LTO-5, DLT-S4 technology

Designed for simple and reliable backups, the SuperLoader® 3 offers an exclusive package of advanced features including StorageCare® Guardian, remote management, and barcode Reader—all at no additional cost. It also gives you the widest range of drive options in the industry to support data requirements between 640GB to 48TB—with the flexibility to expand as your storage needs grow.

SuperLoader 3


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* Assumes 2:1 compression